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1950's Salesman's Data Book | RDI Lead Generation

1950’s Salesman’s Data Book

“Autopsy Checklist”. “The Buying Motives.” “Price Cutting.” These are a few headings in the little green sales book I inherited a short while back. Each heading has a lesson “… a price cut of 5% may not seem like much but it means that volume must be increased 25%…” The date “1950” is printed in…

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B2B Sales Principles | RDI Lead Generation

The B2B Sales Principles of Abraham Lincoln

The Lincoln – Douglas debates are rife with sales techniques. That’s a disparaging remark considering the importance of the impending election and the ramifications it would have on the direction of the United States. But, none the less, my myopicy did not precede me to see what I could only see and therefore did see;…

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The Crudeness of the Reptilian Salesman | RDI Lead Generation

The Crudeness of the Reptilian Salesman

Sales and marketing intellectuals with audiences of envious volume are talking about gaining new customers by not interrupting them. Interruption is a thing of the past. You must apply your efforts towards “hand raisers”. In these digital times, they emphasize, old methods are dying. The death of direct marketing may be overstated but there is…

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B2B Lead Gen Through Motivation and Inspiration | RDI Business Development

B2B Lead Gen Through Motivation and Inspiration

Quality lead generation depends upon motivation as well as inspiration. There is a difference. Motivation is a reason for behavior and inspiration is a catalyst for creativity. Motivation is often used in competitive situations and competition itself can be an excellent motivator. Inspiration is often more aligned with the arts than business but successful businesses…

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Magnetoplasmadynamic Propulsion and B2B Lead Generation | RDI Business Development

Magnetoplasmadynamic Propulsion and B2B Lead Generation

There are principles of physics that are undeniable, as old as the universe, and accessible, but we have not yet harnessed them to their full capacity. For instance, ions in a gaseous form near an electromagnet can create propulsion. This is called magnetoplasmadynamic propulsion or MPD. I am really simplifying MPD here but a short…

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Sales Humiliation | RDI Business Development

Sales Humiliation

The humiliation involved in sales is something I have alluded to previously, mainly while speaking about the apprehension people have about making cold calls. But putting yourself in any position where you may be rejected means that you will eventually be rejected and therefore humiliated. Some salespeople say that they don’t care if people hang…

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Email Marketing Strategy | RDI Business Development

An Email Marketing Strategy That Works

This morning, a Tuesday so no lump of weekend stuff included, I received 12 marketing emails from people that sell B2B. This doesn’t include the usual deluge of emails that go directly to my spam box. I skimmed the subject lines and then deleted them.  I also received one email from a person that called…

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Cold Calling | RDI Lead Generation | RDI Business Development

Cold Calling Does Not Work

I see a lot of PPC (pay per click) ads telling me that cold calling is a corpse. It is a thing of the past, a waste of time. It will never build your business. It makes you a dreaded “sales person” as opposed to the breezy order taker you should be. Spam pours in,…

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The Simplicity of Writing an Effective Telemarketing Script | RDI Business Development

The Simplicity of Writing an Effective Telemarketing Script

Hello Mr. or Mrs. ____________. My name is Tom and I write telemarketing scripts. Would you like to write an effective telemarketing script? (if no go to A, if yes go to B) A. Follow a logical step-by-step line of questioning that limits conversation and insists on obvious answers. Ignore any response that does not…

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How to Use Content Article Lead Generation to Earn Residual Income | RDI Business Development

How to Use Content Article Lead Generation to Earn Residual Income

By: James Lowe (Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/) To have a steady income from your business you need to know how to generate highly targeted leads. Leads are the heart blood of residual income for your inter net business. This article represents many thousands of dollars from my business experience. Read it carefully and learn from my experience…

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Five Ways to Improve Your Lead Management | RDI Business Development

Five Ways to Improve Your Lead Management

Source: http://www.marketingprofs.com/6/moreau1.asp by Robert J. Moreau Marketing departments perform many tasks throughout the year: hiring good talent, keeping quality employees, choosing the right communications strategy, improving ROI, and generating higher quality leads for Sales. With increasing competition and diminishing budgets, achieving these goals is becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, there is a crucial step that marketing…

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Technology for Enterprising Telemarketers | RDI Business Development

Technology for Enterprising Telemarketers

Thomas Hannon, Managing Partner, RDI Inc. Telemarketing I was sitting at a kitchen table in my underpants. My one room apartment had no air conditioning and it was August in Chicago. I was afraid that my five-year-old computer (this was in 2000) was going to over heat and I’d loose all the info I’d gathered…

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Hiring Good Telemarketers | RDI Business Development

Hiring Good Telemarketers

by Thomas Hannon Managing Partner, RDI Inc. There is a tried and true method to hiring good telemarketers: Take all comers that can read and talk. Give them a script and have them start dialing, ASAP. Evaluate them over a day or two. If they’re good, great! Hopefully they are somewhat disciplined in their attendance.…

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Professional Approach to Cold Calling | RDI Business Development

A Professional Approach to Cold Calling

By Thomas Hannon, Managing Partner, RDI, Inc. My boss was screaming, “They’ve got your money! Are you gonna let them take your money? Grab them through the phone and ring their necks till they give you your money!” The required response was any sort of scream or violent flailing. I left the office and never…

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