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Thomas Hannon, Managing Partner, RDI Inc.


I was sitting at a kitchen table in my underpants.

My one room apartment had no air conditioning and it was August in Chicago. I was afraid that my five-year-old computer (this was in 2000) was going to over heat and I’d loose all the info I’d gathered so I was saving like a madman to floppy disks.

That all sounds like the opening for a late night infomercial but it was how I started my business. The telephone I was using was a 1980’s electric blue princess model and my internet connection was at Kinko’s.

The point of this story is not to sell you on an MLM scheme but to emphasis the real need for technology. Today at our company we could not get by without wireless technology, relatively modern computers and a powerful internet connection. In the beginning, that was all unnecessary, and the small investment in those tools would have crippled me.

Here are some quick tips on saving money while investing in technology:

Stay behind the times: Do you really need the latest version of everything?

Buy at EBay: Get last years version for 25% or less than what this years version would cost. The product can be found brand new and often with a guarantee.

Educate yourself and your employees: Spend some money and time learning the basics. Share that knowledge with your employees. This could save tens of thousands in IT maintenance fees.

Find free applications: Check for free stuff, shareware on the internet, before spending hundreds of dollars for boxed solutions.

Keep a clear vision of directness: This is most important of all; is that purchase for practicality or vanity? What do you absolutely need to get the job done at a superior level?

The answer to the above question is one that you already know. It’s just a great point to never forget:

In the cold calling business, it’s great people, not great machines that make all the difference.