Unsolicited Testimonials

So far we’ve met with (3) of the (4) leads provided and expect at least 2 if not all 3 to become clients. I’m looking forward to the next ones as well and have already referred you to some other business acquaintances.

Owner – Software Development Company

I just finished a very good conversation with (prospect name excluded). Although price sensitive, they are a legitimate prospect for our service.

I have a web demo with Peter tomorrow. I also confirmed a web demo with Valerie (prospect info excluded) on Tuesday 5-29.

Good work in setting these meetings up.

Sales VP for a Niche Specific Software Vendor

I had my call with (company name withheld) yesterday and it went very well. Right at the beginning of our conversation, Mike had high praise for the initial contact who set up the call saying,

“he was exceptional, and the fact that he was able to get and hold my attention deserves high praise, and a raise.” So, kudos for making a great initial impression for us!

Sales Manager – Custom Software Development Company

6 appts for Chicago! That is fabulous. This market has historically been very difficult to generate leads in. I just want to express how excited we all are that this year Chicago was a success.

I hope that I didn’t give you the wrong impression a few weeks ago. We usually don’t see so many residual leads from this campaign so I thought that 2 was it.
You’ve definitely set the standard much higher for Chicago, and made this a real success!!

Thx so much for your hard work.

Marketing Specialists – National Business Services Firm

They did a super job finding quality leads for our company’s sales team! We needed guidance on the best way to identify and sort through prospects for our new product, and RDI gave us great advice. We couldn’t ask for more!

J Malouf

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