You need strategic advantages to win customers in today’s market of high uncertainties and intense competition.

Find out how RDI goes far beyond telemarketing to acquire the key to winning in the world of complex sales; and how you can get that key before your competition, and lock them out.

Nurtured Leads | RDI Business Development

Nurtured Leads

Frustrated with leads that waste your time? Call us to find out how we work strategically to give you leads that need your solutions, have a budget that meets your prices, and is able to sign off on a sale.

Sales Pipeline | RDI Business Development

Sales Pipeline

Tired of running out of leads? Call to find out how we fill your pipeline so you have a strategic game plan for continually making new sales. Your salesforce will love you.

Lead Generation Resource | RDI Business Development

Ultimate Resource

We made a resource for you that will help you whether you hire our services or not. After reading this, you will hope your competition doesn’t find it.

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Why Choose Us

Since 2001 RDI has worked with and studied varied methodologies for B2B sales including, but not limited to; Sandler Sales, Selling to VITO, Spin Selling, Solution Selling, Consult or Quit, many of the MSP specialists, and many company specific programs. We are agnostic but receptive.

New methodologies will come, and they do come. We are prepared to learn. Our methodology is a hybrid of what we have learned, what we have created and what our customers prefer.

RDI guarantees the sole ownership and delivery of your entire pipeline as well as a subjective guarantee of a stated minimum number of qualified appointments.
Our clients have the right to refuse an appointment towards the guarantee if they feel a lead does not meet the qualifications.  This is unprecedented in an industry that seldom delivers quality leads, much less guarantees them.
Because of the aforementioned reasons, RDI cannot extend its services to all organizations.

RDI is not a call center or work from home virtual office.  Our callers include MBA’s and previous business owners who are experienced B2B sales people. All calls are made from our office, on site, by college educated professionals, previous business owners, with business to business sales experience.

Our office is structured with the concept of professional sound in mind. Our callers are not jammed into a space filled with cubes, tending to an autodailer. There is a separation of offices within our office. We do not use digital call systems. Part of success means avoiding the “telemarketing” sound often associated with cold calls.

The worst outcome of any call campaign may be damage inflicted to reputation. Leads and future opportunities are exciting, but at what cost? No matter the size of your market, you do not have market space to burn.

Part of our partnership model ensures that our group’s financial benefits are tied to our client’s reorders with us. Beyond the financial motivation, our staff is well-spoken with professional experience. Our office environment avoids the sounds associated with a call center setup. Our motivation is based on a long term model not under a per lead, per appointment model in which the motivation invariable becomes, “set the appointment, any appointment.”

How much you pay means little compared to how much you profit.  However, we are willing to work under a loss leader model if we think we can be successful.

Still, profit is the bottom line.  If a national average is 35% closed business to qualified B2B prospects, would you rather pay a low, low rate per appointment for 100 appointments that result in 1 sale? Or does it make more sense to spend the same amount for 12 appointments that net 3 sales, while preserving and nurturing future opportunities as opposed to burning through them for meaningless appointments?

How motivated is your sales team?

Imagine your salesmen upbeat and optimistic because they are calling prospects interested in talking to them.  Imagine being able to strategically build your business knowing your exact ROI and how many sales you have in the pipeline, increase sales, significantly impact profits, and replace lost customers systematically.

RDI keeps your sales pipeline filled with qualified leads for your sales force so they can sell more in less time and have a better experience in the process.  Retain the best salesmen by providing them the best leads so they can do what they enjoy most – closing the sale.