Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide a list or we can use a list that is provided. In most cases, RDI will absorb the cost to produce an initial list.

Ultimately our clients decide what a qualified lead is. Our basic criteria are:

  1. A set appointment with the correct contact.
  2. A need that can be filled by our client is defined.
  3. A timeframe that fits our client’s sales cycle, to fulfill that need is defined.
  4. There is an acceptable budget.

Typically we will write the script. The Scripts are not verbatim. We have developed a proprietary process over the 12 years we have been in business. Our clients will have ultimate approval and final edits on scripts and may provide one of their own if they prefer.

Usually we will initially engage in a loss leader trial to avoid the pitfalls of desperate appointment setting associated with a per-lead or commission based structure.

While our loss leader pricing is very competitive compared to the pay of an inside sales person, we still provide a stellar value of experience and professionalism with proven track record. Knowing you will have a quality lead generation process in place, while taking the risk and cost of a new hire out of the equation, is a value that far exceeds our trial rates.

Our goal is to earn a long term relationship with our clients. After the trial we may work on a per-lead or commission basis depending upon what our clients prefer.

There are three guarantees with each trial; a non-compete agreement, all rights to the pipeline are owned by our clients, and we will provide a modest guarantee for leads dependent upon the strategy of the campaign.

To find out more about quality lead generation, pipeline development, or our consulting services, please contact us