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by Thomas Hannon
Managing Partner, RDI Inc.

There is a tried and true method to hiring good telemarketers: Take all comers that can read and talk. Give them a script and have them start dialing, ASAP. Evaluate them over a day or two.

If they’re good, great! Hopefully they are somewhat disciplined in their attendance. If they are not good then you must go through the financial and emotional pains of firing that person and starting over. There is a better way.

A good hiring manager must identify three main characteristics in a cold calling candidate; tenacity, professional demeanor and persuasiveness. Use this simple test to evaluate your candidate:

Have your candidate takes notes while you go through a short, four or five point presentation. Look at their notes. This is important. It is a view into the candidates thought process. Are they efficient? Are they logical? Review the notes with the candidate.

The next step is to role play that presentation with the candidate. Take it easy on them in the first round. Hit them hard in the second. See how creative they are. Do they conduct themselves professionally? Are their improvised points tangential to the information you supplied? Do they quit when challenged or move ahead fluidly, without browbeating? If your candidate makes you smile at this point, it is a good sign.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get good candidates to even answer and ad but do not let that deter you from following through on the last step; Request that the candidate come back for a second interview. This is a good way for you to evaluate their punctuality and desire for the position. It also provides an easy way for the candidate to opt out of the hiring process, which will save them and you precious time.

Try this simple, cost effective process and your new employees will appreciate working with a company that cares about quality.

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Happy hiring.