Lead GenerationMagnetoplasmadynamic Propulsion and B2B Lead Generation | RDI Business Development

There are principles of physics that are undeniable, as old as the universe, and accessible, but we have not yet harnessed them to their full capacity. For instance, ions in a gaseous form near an electromagnet can create propulsion. This is called magnetoplasmadynamic propulsion or MPD. I am really simplifying MPD here but a short read on the Lorenz-force will explain exactly what I should be meaning. Afterall, I am a lead generator not a physicist.

The application of MPD can revolutionize space travel and earth travel. Airplanes could fly at great speeds without making noise. We could hurtle through space at triple the speeds that we can currently travel and do it for greatly extended periods of time.

There are challenges. The main one is a power source. On board nuclear reactors could provide enough kilowatts for practical MPD usage. We use them in the Navy on vessels. But nuclear energy has not been easily accepted in many other applications.

You may wonder, “Nuclear power, MPD, space flight? This guy’s just a phone jockey. Lead gen in not rocket science.” Rocket science or lead gen, sometimes the oldest concepts are the best.

Nuclear power and electromagnetism are physical realities that have existed since the dawn of time. Yet we pursue less proven and less efficient methods of capturing energy and translating that into propulsion. It seems like we are often more interested in chasing trends then depending on something old and proven yet not fully utilized. The older method is the key to the future.

The same is true with b2b lead generation. This is a leap I admit. A leap, perhaps quantum in aspiration, but relevant none the less.

The contemporary concept of lead generation refers to  SEO, social media, pay per click, email, anything digital. Twitter and Linkedin are now monetizing through lead generation. They are becoming lead generation companies so that they can bring in revenue. Of course, this depends upon your criteria of what a real lead is.

Digital lead gen is tempting. It’s new. It’s easy. It protects your ego. It’s trendy. It’s great for a commodity sale.

Analog lead generation is none of the above. Within the construct of a consultative sales process, have you ever sold anything b2b without talking to human, multiple times, sometimes for months or years?

Communicating with prospects through speech is the most assured way to have a sales advantage. There is a growing sentiment that demand generation, a new term for the old lead generation, should be nothing more than giving your prospects the opportunity to raise their hand. Then you follow up.

That’s great if you have the time and dollars to compete online with the organizations that employ armies to pump out original content on all social media platforms. The internet marketplace for b2b sales is turning into the old yellow pages; The big winners will be the ones that can afford to spend the most money. And the traffic that you do manage to generate will leave you dealing with shoppers not buyers.

Shoppers are okay. If you can generate leads online at little to no cost, why not? But don’t forget about nuclear power. Don’t forget about magnets, ions, the elements that others are now turning away from. Reaching out to buyers has become a differentiator and an advantage.

Talk to a prospect before your competitor does and it’s your deal to lose. Forget about hand raising. Let your competitors wait for hands. Charge the magnets with nuclear reactors and let the plasma propel you at three times the competitors speed. Let them leisurely cruise in their solar wind powered satellites while you scream past them with MPD rockets.

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