Lead GenerationB2B Lead Gen Through Motivation and Inspiration | RDI Business Development

Quality lead generation depends upon motivation as well as inspiration. There is a difference. Motivation is a reason for behavior and inspiration is a catalyst for creativity. Motivation is often used in competitive situations and competition itself can be an excellent motivator. Inspiration is often more aligned with the arts than business but successful businesses people have active imaginations whether they be engineers or graphic artists.

Lead gen is part science and part art. Hence the need for motivation and inspiration if one is to produce leads of value. RDIbizdev defines a lead as a sales meeting with the correct contact that needs what you sell, knows they need it, has a reasonable time frame to satisfy the need and money to apply to the solution. These are objective facts. A real lead is not ordered as if it were data. A real lead is not a list or a general interest. It has to be developed between human beings communicating, at least for the b2b complexity level that RDIbizdev clients work at. This is the subjective part.

Statistics can provide motivation. How many leads have been produced relative to time? How many conversations are needed to define a decision maker? How many conversations are had before a lead is generated? These statistics can be known. Competition can be had in reference to these statistics. A healthy human nature to win is in itself a motivating factor that can be inspired by statistics.

The type of b2b leads that RDIbizdev generates are dependant upon conversation. This is the artistic factor. Their clients must talk to their prospects multiple times, for weeks, or months, sometimes a year or more before a sale is closed. A good conversation has a connection to inspiration and not just statistics. Knowing how to gauge another’s personality, naturally, so that they feel comfortable revealing and receiving is not teachable to the extent that it can be applied efficiently.

Inspiration is a more complex concept because it is individualized. Each contributor will have their own source of inspiration. It may be music, noise, motion, stillness, combinations of otherwise unrelated intangibles. And every human being has their own brand of inspiration.

This is why a room full of highly successful lead generators may seem like a collection of energetic eccentrics. They are motivated, thus the focus and energy yet they are truly inspired and thus the diversity of personalities. When Intelligence and discipline are added to this combination the necessary characteristics of a great lead generator exists.

To find the combination of inspiration, motivation, discipline and intelligence in one human being is difficult. These are contradictions that must be alive in one sane being. These are motivating and inspiring people to be around and these are the types of individuals at RDIbizdev.