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I see a lot of PPC (pay per click) ads telling me that cold calling is a corpse. It is a thing of the past, a waste of time. It will never build your business. It makes you a dreaded “sales person” as opposed to the breezy order taker you should be.

Spam pours in, hundreds upon hundreds of spam messages, telling me that I stink at sales, or that selling is stupid, or that Facebook is the answer to my assumed sales challenges. After weeks of not responding to the spam I received a request to call this person. He wanted to talk to me about why I was not responding. Couldn’t he have picked up the phone and called me? I was not compelled to call him after all the spam. But maybe I would’ve listened if he called me. He missed an opportunity.

A healthy lead generation system should include at least three strategies. PPC is relatively inexpensive. SEO (search engine optimization) is also inexpensive. Trade shows can be very expensive but they are great branding tools. Why would anyone eschew cold calling considering it’s low cost and high attention rate? Because it compromises the ego and that can be painful.

It would be painless to click a button and wait for the business to pour in. Let’s assume the leads do come in. Are these contacts shoppers or buyers? Odds are they getting quotes from multiple sources. This commoditizes your value. Too often, shoppers will pick the second lowest quote and call that due diligence. Where’s your input on a price sheet?

My aforementioned applies to b2b sales. That’s all our company, Research Development Implementation (RDI) focuses on. In my next post, I will expand upon how we have used email, not spam, with cold calling and have done it effectively.

In the meantime, google a term relating to some qualification of a prospect. Choose three of the companies that pop up. Do a little research and then call them.

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