Cold CallingThe Simplicity of Writing an Effective Telemarketing Script | RDI Business Development

Hello Mr. or Mrs. ____________. My name is Tom and I write telemarketing scripts. Would you like to write an effective telemarketing script? (if no go to A, if yes go to B)

A. Follow a logical step-by-step line of questioning that limits conversation and insists on obvious answers. Ignore any response that does not follow format and lead back to the script. Stick to the script! Stick to the script like a robot, or a subhuman that can only read and dial. Do you understand this Mr. or Mrs. ________? (If yes, go to B. If no, you might as well just wing it.)

B. Execute the following steps with pointed precision:

  1. Write a one or two sentence introduction.
  2. Write two or three qualifying or disqualifying questions. Ask these questions immediately following the introduction. If the prospect has initial broad qualification move to the next step. If not, politely end the call.
  3. Write a set of bullet points that drill down on identified qualifications. Use these bullet points as objects of conversation. Allow and encourage the prospect to offer as much information as possible.
  4. Close. Give your elevator speech, tailored by the information you just received. Get a commitment, at least for future contact, or a referral that may be interested in hearing from you.

It’s that simple. It really is.

The difficult part is in the execution of a script. Reading to people will garner nothing. The talent of making a cold call seem conversational, while keeping to the chronology of the script, is the X factor in making any presentation work.

Once again, success really comes down to quality of the person in pursuit.

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