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This morning, a Tuesday so no lump of weekend stuff included, I received 12 marketing emails from people that sell B2B. This doesn’t include the usual deluge of emails that go directly to my spam box. I skimmed the subject lines and then deleted them. 

I also received one email from a person that called me yesterday trying to sell PR services. I opened his email and read it. Interesting email but more to the point, why did I open his email and not the others? Because I remembered him as a person. My perception of him is that he is a person, not a bot spitting out subject lines like, “Hey Tom, don’t be a stupid cold caller!” 

If you’re selling B2B and sending out massive amounts of emails and not seeing a return, there’s a reason why. Most likely your emails are seen as spam or mass marketing campaigns as opposed to personal communications. 

This commoditizes you and what you have to offer. It does not differentiate. 

There is a simple way to manage an email system that increases sales and it all starts with a pipeline. For more detail on how to build a solid pipeline review our site Of course, cold calling, follow-up calling and internet research are big part of building that pipeline. 

Most simply put, a good pipeline is an outline of your market’s contacts, how to reach them and when to reach them. Essentially it is the contents of a CRM. When you have that built, or while you are building that out, it becomes very easy to set up future contacts. 

Once you’ve spoken with these contacts you may only schedule yourself to send out 5, 20, 50 emails a week. But each one is personalized and the contact knows who you are. Now you are beginning to build a business relationship with this person.

The term “business relationship” is important here. You are not Facebooking or Tweeting or connecting on LinkdIn. You are not sending social network requests. It is a business relationship and you are staying out of the dreaded social network abyss. And staying out of the spam filter too.

So if you’ve spoken with a prospect and they are not ready to buy from you now because of a realistic objection (some may be insincere but you already know that’s part of the process) then it becomes easy to facilitate an ongoing, long term sales process with simple email follow up that is not advertising based spam.

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