Scheduled Sales Opportunities

Broaden the front end of your sales cycle without complicating it. We set up your appointments with qualified prospects who are interested in solving a problem or improving a process.  We work with clients in some of the most complicated sales processes B2b to find opportunities that cannot be obtained by typical call centers or standard telemarketing firms.

Valuable Pipeline Development

Since our motivation is not to just set appointments, we are evaluating the entire market as we call through it.  Any and all valuable information gathered will be documented in a relational database that will include at least:
1.    The correct contact’s name and title.
2.    The correct contact’s email address
3.    A buying timeframe
4.    A follow up date
5.    Specific call notes
6.    Any other information that may be useful for other marketing efforts as defined by you, such as; type of systems, age of systems, types of services utilized, competitor’s information, etc.

Follow-up Calls

During and after the cold call time, and RDI manager and his team will perform weeks of follow-up calls.  This time is spent qualifying prospects.  Appointments will be set where necessary.  Sales cycles will be defined and further follow up will be scheduled and allocated to the pipeline database.

B2B Outbound Only

RDI specializes in outbound B2B lead generation, sales pipeline building and management, and market research. We do not call B2C. We do not take inbound customer service calls. We avoid commoditized price break strategies in favor of a consultative approach. Since we are a small specialized group, our process is adaptable and is able to evolve.

Competition Locked Out

RDI provides exclusive service to all our clients.  We will not work with one of your competitors.

Qualified Leads

In addition to specific criteria a client may ask us to include in the qualifying process, all of our Qualified Leads meet the following criteria:
•    Identifiable point of pain
•    Match between prospect’s problem and products/services/solutions offered by our Client
•    Commitment on prospect’s part to resolve their problem within reasonable time frame
•    Budgetary allocation

In addition, we verify
1.    Prospect’s buying cycle corresponds to your sales cycle.
2.    Budget is reasonable
3.    Key decision makers
4.    Prospect is giving buying signals.
5.    Any necessary specifics as requested by our clients

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee an agreed upon number of qualified appointments in which a lead meets the guarantee only when you say it does.

Budget Probe

We want to avoid situations where we all think we have identified a qualified lead only to find out that the prospect doesn’t really understand what it may cost to solve their problem.  We probe to verify they have a budget and the budget is reasonable for your product or service.

Powerful Custom Scripts

We believe that a dynamic script is vital to the success of a process. We work with our clients to develop a concise and powerful script based on your value proposition, success stories, objectives and sales criteria.
We utilize a hybrid of sales methodologies that is adapted to who we represent. We are not locked into one philosophy. We adapt to the ever changing terminology and buyers perspectives within a marketplace. Our scripts are not verbatim.

Quality over Quantity

Poor leads cost you time and money.  Our employees work under an income sharing model.  When our customers pay us, they receive bonuses. This puts our emphasis on overall success. Since our customers tell us when a lead meets the guarantee, you are ensured the kinds of appointments you want.

We Get Buying Signals

We stay in the qualifying conversation to the point where the prospect is giving us buying signals.  This may take one conversation, a few conversations, weeks or months; sometimes longer.  Is a prospect kicking tires or are they sincerely looking for a solution? We utilize our methodologies to uncover this information and nurture leads as long as necessary before merely setting an appointment.