The main objective of any consulting project that we undertake is to provide our clients with the means, and system, by which excellent sales opportunities will be provided. From hiring, to building a fully functional, and productive, lead generation center, our consulting services will implement RDI’s quality of business development in your office.

The primary goal of the project is to create and nurture a quality business development system.

Consulting Project Description

Setup: An understanding of your business and needs will be established before anything else happens. Hiring and training processes will be reviewed. New hiring and training may take place.

Scripting: The current script or scripts will be reviewed. RDI’s script writing process will be explained. RDI’s script writing process will be implemented.

Organizational: The current organizational structure of the call center will be reviewed. A hierarchy of the call center will be established. A clear process will be implemented.

Support: RDI will provide on-going support from phone support to office visits. Documentation of the entire process is available.