05 Feb 2007
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Hello Mr. or Mrs. ____________. My name is Tom and I write telemarketing scripts. Would you like to write an effective telemarketing script? (if no go to A, if yes go to B)

A. Follow a logical step-by-step line of questioning that limits conversation and insists on obvious answers. Ignore any response that does not follow format and lead back to the script. Stick to the script! Stick to the script like a robot, or a subhuman that can only read and dial. Do you understand this Mr. or Mrs. ________? (If yes, go to B. If no, you might as well just wing it.)

B. Execute the following steps with pointed precision:

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16 Nov 2006
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By: James Lowe (Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/)

To have a steady income from your business you need to know how to generate highly targeted leads. Leads are the heart blood of residual income for your inter net business.

This article represents many thousands of dollars from my business experience. Read it carefully and learn from my experience and mistakes.

Good sales are joined to the hip of your business income in increasing your business profits. Anyone who does not focus on targeted lead generation will soon find their residual income dries up real fast.

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15 Nov 2006
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Source: http://www.marketingprofs.com/6/moreau1.asp
by Robert J. Moreau
November 14, 2006
Marketing departments perform many tasks throughout the year: hiring good talent, keeping quality employees, choosing the right communications strategy, improving ROI, and generating higher quality leads for Sales. With increasing competition and diminishing budgets, achieving these goals is becoming increasingly difficult.

Fortunately, there is a crucial step that marketing departments can take to have a positive impact on the outcome of their initiatives for the year: deploying an effective lead-management process.

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