14 Nov 2006
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by, Thomas Hannon, Managing Partner, RDI Inc.


I was sitting at a kitchen table in my underpants.

My one room apartment had no air conditioning and it was August in Chicago. I was afraid that my five-year-old computer (this was in 2000) was going to over heat and I’d loose all the info I’d gathered so I was saving like a madman to floppy disks.

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06 Nov 2006
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by Thomas Hannon
Managing Partner, RDI Inc.

There is a tried and true method to hiring good telemarketers: Take all comers that can read and talk. Give them a script and have them start dialing, ASAP. Evaluate them over a day or two.

If they’re good, great! Hopefully they are somewhat disciplined in their attendance. If they are not good then you must go through the financial and emotional pains of firing that person and starting over. There is a better way.

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02 Nov 2006
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By Thomas Hannon, Managing Partner, RDI, Inc.

My boss was screaming, “They’ve got your money! Are you gonna let them take your money? Grab them through the phone and ring their necks till they give you your money!”

The required response was any sort of scream or violent flailing. I left the office and never went back. Of the three days I had been selling marketing services to auto dealers, I was already on top of the board. But the work environment was miserable.

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